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    Archbishop Demetrios of America met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York on Friday within the framework of the 25th Conference of Greek and Cypriot leadership.
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    The fifth phase for the collection of materials and supplies of the Strengthening Campaign  for schools of northern Ipirus by the "Northern Ipirus Youth" has been completed, following a listing of the basic needs required by the schools.
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    A delegation of the city council headed by Mayor, Dimitris Maravelias was in the city of Villeneuve D'Ascq on May 9-10, for the inauguration of Haidari Square in an event organized by the municipal authorities of the French city, honoring Haidari and its history.
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    The Vice-president and Press spokesman of DHW (German-Hellenic Economic Association), Phaedon Kotsabopoulos has sent a letter of congratulations to George Kassimatis, a candidate in the upcoming European Parliament elections on July 7.
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    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared apologetic yesterday for the past persecution by Turkey of different nationalities.




Unexpected gift to Australian PM from Cyprus
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   

A few weeks ago, an unexpected package arrived at the office of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from the community head of the Cypriot town of Oroklini, Spyros Elenodoros. The gift was offered, on behalf of Elenodoros, by the president of the Federation Cypriot Communities in Australia, Michalis Christodoulou, who is also originally from the village. 

According to Christodoulou, the gift was a copy of an old Bible, which is at Mount Athos and is written in Greek. A self-professed Christian, the Australian prime minister reads the Bible in Greek said the Cypriot-Australian official. But just in case of any difficulties, Christodoulou also gave Rudd  a Greek-English dictionary of the Bible, written in 1906. The Australian leader has sent a warm letter of thanks to the Cypriot-Australian community.

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