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  • Greek monument for world peace in Miami
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    In the style of the Statue of Liberty, Miami has acquired its own symbol of peace, the largest bronze statue of Classical mythology in the world.
  • Byzantium Splendor and Everyday Life
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    A wide-ranging selection of magnificent and historically important works of art brings to life the fascinating history and art of the Byzantine Empire.
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    For the first time after many years, Australians are showing particular interest in studying ancient Greek, not only the language but the history and culture of Greece, according to the dean of the Australian National University in Canberra, Lawrence Cramm.
    Kram also added that the interest is noticeable throughout all of the country’s universities that offer ancient Greek calling it a “wonderful phenomenon”.
    A heightened interest by Australian college students is also noted for…
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    Jennifer Esposito and tennis player Mark Philippoussis are engaged, a representative for the couple confirmed the news. The wedding date is yet to be decided. However this will mark the second trip down the aisle for New York native Jennifer Esposito, who married Bradley Cooper in December 2006 only to split just four months later.
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    James Cameron has just won the Golden Globe for Best Director, but if it wasn’t for two Greeks the movie may have never come to life. Greek American President and CEO of 20th Century Fox took the risk to fund the huge production. In addition, Laeta Kalogridis had collaborated on the script of the movie with James Cameron. Kalogridis who is also an executive producer of “Avatar” has written scripts for Alexander (2004), Night Watch (2006 in U.S.), Pathfinder (2007) and Shutter Island (2010). She has also served as…




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