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    In the category “Employment and Social Affairs”, New Democracy member of the European Parliament, Maria Panagiotopoulou-Kassiotou, has been honoured as Eurodeputy of the Year.
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    Acces to Australia’s eVisitor service will be available for European Union citizens as from October 27, who will be able to apply for the eVisitor visa through the Internet free of charge.
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    A Greek-Canadian, who lost a court battle to keep the Greek flag, which he had painted on his garage in Montreal, has decided to relinquish his efforts.
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    The famous Greek tenor, Marios Frangoulis, will appear at the Cultural Majestic Theatre, accompanied by soprano Kristen Watson, and will present a program comprising both old and new melodies.   Frangoulis will be accompanied by pianist Thodoros Economou and an orchestra featuring musicians from Boston, conducted Steven Karidoyanes.
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    Development Minister Christos Folias yesterday addressed greetings to the 1st Greek-Russian Forum, held on the topic: “Greek-Russian state, ecclesiastical and cultural relations in world history”.  


  • Demetra Petsa visits Ipirus

    Demetra Petsa, a member of the Board of Directors of the Pan-Ipirotic Federation of Europe visited Norhtern Ipirus in order to brief the local Greek Minority in the region about the First World Conference of Ipirotes living abroad and about the Greek lang...
  • Thessalians to meet in August

    The World Confederation of Thessalian Societies and Federations founded one year ago, and representing Thessalians from Europe, Australia and the US, will host its first general assembly on August 29th at the prefectural council of Karditsa, which will al...
  • “The Greeks” of Canada

    An exhibition titled, “The Greeks” was inaugurated on Thursday at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. The exhibit includes 150 rare works from the Benaki Museum’s collections which reflect the history of Hellenism from prehistor...
  • Karpouzos in Munich

    New Democracy deputy from Pieria, Antonis Karpouzos departed yesterday for Munich where he will participate at an event on the occasion of the Flame Lighting Ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics organized by the Bavarian Association for the Arts, Letter...
  • Greek Archaeological School to be Set Up in Egypt

    Greek Culture Minister Michalis Liapis and his Egyptian counterpart Farouk Hosny agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation between the two ministries with the aim of setting up a Greek archaeological school in Egypt. ...
  • Sioufas meets with Archbishop Damianos

    The President of the Hellenic Parliament, Dimitris Sioufas met with the abbot of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, the Archbishop of Sinai, Damianos. ...
  • Alexandria Patriarch visits East London

    Alexandria Patriarch, Theodoros II, visited the city of East London yesterday within the framework of his visit to South Africa. ...
  • PM Karamanlis’ message to Pan-Macedonians

    Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis sent a message to the participants of the 62nd Annual Pan-Macedonian Conference currently underway in New York. ...
  • Kalamaras at Spoke‘n’Word

    Greek poet Vassilis Kalamaras is representing Greece at the Poland-based Spoke’n’Word Festival this year. The event is a joint initiative by the Book Institute and the British Council in Warsaw. Since 2005, Wiersze w Metrze have been organizing the pe...
  • Three Greek deputies at the Pan-Macedonian congress

    Parliamentary deputies Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Christos Aidonis and Athanasios Plevris, are currently in New York to attend the 62nd Congress of the Pan-Macedonian Union of America which began yesterday. ...
  • Greek-Australian found guilty of gangland murder

    Greek-Australian Evangelos "Ange" Goussis, who was yesterday convicted of the murder of underworld patriarch Lewis Moran is expected to be charged with another organised crime killing and may be offered a deal to become a key witness against pol...
  • Greek “tycoons” in Australia

    At least nine Greek-Australians (individual or families) are included in the annual list of the 200 richest Australians, published by the “Business and Review Weekly” journal this week. ...
  • Στη Β.Ηπειρο η Δήμητρα Πέτσα

    Επίσκεψη στη Βόρειο Ηπειρο πραγματοποίησε η κα Δήμητρα Πέτσα, μέλος του ΔΣ της Πανηπειρωτικής Ομοσπονδίας Ευρώπης. ...
  • Στο Μόναχο ο Α.Καρπούζας

    Aθήνα Αναχωρεί σήμερα για το Μόναχο ο βουλευτής κ. Αντώνης Καρπούζας (Ν.Δ., Πιερίας), προκειμένου να λάβει μέρος στις εκδηλώσεις του Συλλόγο...
  • Ελληνική αρχαιολογική σχολή στην Αίγυπτο

    Aθήνα Την ίδρυση ελληνικής αρχαιολογικής σχολής στην Αίγυπτο αποφάσισαν χθες στη συνάντησή τους ο υπουργός Πολιτισμού, Μιχάλης Λιάπης, μ�...
  • "Οι Έλληνες" στον Καναδά

    Kεμπέκ Εγκαινιάστηκε χθες στο Canadian Museum of Civilization στο Gatineau του Κεμπέκ η έκθεση The Greeks. ...
  • Τον Αύγουστο η Γ.Σ της Παγκ.Ομοσπονδίας των Θεσσαλών

    Αθήνα Για τις 29 Αυγούστου προγραμματίστηκε η πρώτη Γενική Συνέλευση της Παγκόσμιας Συνομοσπονδίας Θεσσαλικών Συλλόγων και Ομοσπονδιών ...
  • The “tower” of the omogeneia

    Following the local omogeneia press, the Australian press is now focusing on the ambitious plans of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria to construct a 20 million dollar multi-story building the city center. ...
  • Greeks of German at the European Parliament

    On the occasion of Europe Day, four large groups of Greeks from Germany had the opportunity to visit and tour the European Building in Strasbourg, following an invitation of ND Eurodeputy, Maria Panagiotopoulou-Kassiotou. ...
  • Archbishop Demetrios visits Russian Duma

    Archbishop Demetrios and his delegation received a warm welcome by the Russian Duma during their official visit to the Russian Federal Parliament. ...


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