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    New Jersey has made history by becoming the first state in the United States that has a special commission on Greek issues. NJ Governor Jon Corzine signed the executive order creating the Hellenic-American Heritage Commission.
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    Once again, the American Archdiocese' Metropolitan Youth Choir left the best impressions on the audience of its spring concert last week, held in Sotheby's hall in Manhattan, New York, highlighting its skills and prospects.
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    When programs are created in schools giving opportunities to students, it is almost certain that children will be able to perform miracles. Such a miracle is developing at St. Demetrios Greek School in Jamaica, Queens, where a chamber music group was created with the the encouragement of principal, Dr. George Melikokis.
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    With the installation of "Paraxena", Lucas Samaras is representing Greece at the 53rd Biennale in Venice. The theme this year is "Making Worlds", and the organisers hope to open up new vistas.
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    Singer Fotini Dara performed in a concert at the weekend at Constantinople's historic St. Irene's within the framework of events organized by the Greek community of Constantinople under the aegis of the Patriarchate.




Thessalians to meet in Mouzaki
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   

Following a meeting between the Presdient of the World Confederation of Thessalians, Dimantis Gkikas and the mayor of Mouzaki, Giorgos Kotsos, it was agreed that this year's World Thessalian Congress and Meeting (Antamoma) will take place in the municipality of Mouzaki, Karditsa.


The meeting was also attended by various local administration officials and representatives of Thessalian groups and organizations.


The meeting (Antamoma) will begin with a wreath laying ceremony at the statue of George Karaiskakis and with the congress that will take place at the community of Mayromati in Mouzaki, which is the birthplace of Karaiskakis. The day will continue with a cultural event where associations and members of the confederation will present traditional dances. The detailed program of events will be available in July and can be accessed at the confederation's website at: www.panthessaliki.org

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