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    New Jersey has made history by becoming the first state in the United States that has a special commission on Greek issues. NJ Governor Jon Corzine signed the executive order creating the Hellenic-American Heritage Commission.
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    Once again, the American Archdiocese' Metropolitan Youth Choir left the best impressions on the audience of its spring concert last week, held in Sotheby's hall in Manhattan, New York, highlighting its skills and prospects.
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    When programs are created in schools giving opportunities to students, it is almost certain that children will be able to perform miracles. Such a miracle is developing at St. Demetrios Greek School in Jamaica, Queens, where a chamber music group was created with the the encouragement of principal, Dr. George Melikokis.
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    With the installation of "Paraxena", Lucas Samaras is representing Greece at the 53rd Biennale in Venice. The theme this year is "Making Worlds", and the organisers hope to open up new vistas.
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    Singer Fotini Dara performed in a concert at the weekend at Constantinople's historic St. Irene's within the framework of events organized by the Greek community of Constantinople under the aegis of the Patriarchate.




Halki at the forefront again
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   

The reopening of the Theological School of Halki is a domestic issue of Turkey which is not connected to the country's European accession course stated Turkish minister without portfolio, Egemen Bagis, who at the same time associated the issue with the Muslim minority in Thrace. The minister, head of the Turkish negotiating team for the country's European accession process, added that if there is such a related step, the Greek government must examines the needs of the Turkish population in western Thrace with respect to their educational and religious commitments.


On the same wavelength, Turkish Prime Minister, Tayip Erdogan, speaking to NTV television channel, stated that the topic is under discussion, as long as Greece makes a step to Ankara's requests, while he also maintained that he had discussed the issue with Prime Minister Karamanlis and Foreign Minister, Dora Backoyiannis.


With respect to Erdogan's statements, Ms. Backoyiannis underlined that Turkey, as a candidate country for the European Union, had committed to meet its requirements and obligations. Reciprocity and compensations on such issues are not expected in current times.

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