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History of migrants in Australia, new book by Zangalis
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The highly anticipated presentation of Greek-Australian author's, George Zangalis book on the history of migration in Australia will take place at Olympic Hall in Adelaide on July 5th.

 The Greek-Orthodox community of South Australia in cooperation with the General Confederation of Labor Unions in Australia, South Australia Labor Center, Migration Services Center and the "Platonas" Labor alliance presented on June 5th during a special ceremony, the book by syndicate activist, George Zagalis, titled "Migrant workers and Ethnic Communities: their struggles for social justice and cultural rights, the role of Greek-Australians".

 The presentation will be made by Janet Giles, secretary of South Australia's Labor Unions, together with Dr. Michael Tsoulis on Sunday, July 5th at 4.30pm at Olympic Hall 288 Franklin Street, Adelaide. .

 The book, according to the president of Australia's Labor Confederation, ACTU, Sharon Burrows, "comprises a unique example of Australian history on how multiculturalism developed in the working class through the work places, migrant organizations, schools and its influence in public policies.

 The book presentation was also attended by the president of the community, Vasilis Elovaris, Evgenia Tsouli of the Migrant Resource Center and Panayiotis Byrros, vice-president of the committee of multicultural affairs South Australia.

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