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Greek “Mega Yiourti” event
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   

Strong emotions and national pride overwhelmed the members of the Greek delegation and the roughly 5,000 Greeks of Ukraine who attended the 12th "Mega Yiourti" event hosted by the country's Federation of Greek Associations held in Gratinoe (previously Karan, founded in 1780) one of the over forty "Greek villages" in the greater Mariupol region.


Folk art exhibitions and theater production Ukraine-Greece: at the crossroads of civilizations were held within the framework of "Mega Yiourti", attended by Greek Consul General in Mariupol Sophia Malli, Greek Associations of Kazakhstan President Pavlos Theodoridis, representatives of associations in Russia and artists from Ukraine and Russia.


All speakers underlined the harmonious coexistence and solidarity between ethnic Greeks and the over 140 ethnic minorities in the country and referred to the roughly 102 associations established in the 19 prefectures and Crimea as well as to friendship ties between Greece and Ukraine.


Federation President Alexandra Protsenko-Pitsatzi underlined the efforts made in the early 90s for the rebirth of "our wonderful culture".


The event opened by SAE former USSR countries Regional Coordinator, Russian Duma member and president of the Greeks in Russia Ivan Savvidis who cited Confucius saying that "when a people loses its heritage loses its strength," underlining that "we owe it to the young to build a better future."


On behalf of the Greeks worldwide, SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis thanked the wonderful Greeks who carry on the "great journey of Ulysses" to Ithaca. The great work of the Greeks and Philhellenes in Ukraine, who strengthen the ties with Greece, was underlined by members of the parliamentary committee on Greeks abroad Adam Regouzas (ND) and Markos Bolaris (PASOK).


The Greek delegation visited the Diagnostic Medical Center in Mariupol yesterday, which was established by former SAE President Andrew Athens, the federation offices building and the Greek Cultural Center.


The Greek delegation, accompanied by Consul General Sophia Malli and federation president Protsenko were warmly received in three of the so-called "Greek villages" in Mariupol (Stari Krym, Sartana and Starobesevo).


During their stay in Mariupol, the members of the Greek delegation were warmly received at the State University of Humanistic Studies. According to Konstantin Balabanov, the Greek descent dean and honorary consul general of Cyprus, roughly 700 students are being taught the Greek language. A Greek-Ukrainian Friendship Research Center was recently inaugurated in the university, while its library that features a total of 14,000 book titles is contributing to the upgrading of the Greek Literature Department.


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