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George Papandreou’s plans for Greek-Australians
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An article in the national newspaper, “The Australian”, written by Peter Wilson, refers to reforms planned by the winner of Greece’s general elections yesterday, Pasok leader George Papandreou. Papandreou, a US-born former foreign minister, will follow his father Andreas and grandfather, George, in heading Greece's government. Excerpts from the article follow:
“Papandreou, 57, told “The Australian” last week that if elected he would make several reforms to help members of the Greek diaspora in Australia and elsewhere, making it easier for them to work in Greece and to vote in Greek elections.
He said he would change Greece's tough education rules so as to recognise three-year bachelor degrees issued by Australian universities as the equivalent of four-year Greek degrees, removing a hurdle that has long frustrated Australians wanting to work in Greece.
He also vowed to allow the one million-plus registered Greek voters who live overseas to vote by mail or at local consulates instead of the current system which requires them to travel to Greece to cast a ballot.
A senior job in the new administration is certain to go to close Papandreou advisor Demetri Dollis, a former Victorian Labor MP who served as deputy leader of the state opposition before being stripped of his ALP preselection by then leader Steve Bracks in 1999.”

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