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Feb 04 2008
“History Lost” debuts in Lisbon
Γράφει ο/η Μπάμπης Παπαδάκης   
The Hellenic Foundation for Culture presents a multimedia exhibition entitled ‘History Lost' (produced by Anemon Productions) in the National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon which debuted on January 31st. The exhibition deals with the illicit antiquities trade and the impact of antiquities theft on culture. The Portuguese capital is the second port of call after Trieste on the route of this traveling exhibition, which is organised by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in the context of Greece's efforts to secure the repatriation of illegally exported ancient artifacts. The exhibition has been enriched by copies of finds that have been returned - after the relevant requests - to Greece and Cyprus in recent years (the Aidonia Treasure, a marble head of Dionysos from Corinth, the Kanakaria mosaics from Cyprus, and others).
The exhibition takes visitors on a journey from the looting of the archaeological museum in Baghdad and the smashing of statues in temples in Cambodia, to the sale of stolen antiquities from Mediterranean countries to auction houses in the USA. Its aim is to demonstrate that an ancient artifact divorced from information about the place it was created and used is useless to our knowledge of history. Examples from Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Turkey, countries that have in recent years successfully sought the return of antiquities that had been removed and illegally sold abroad, are included in the exhibition. The subject is presented in Portuguese and English and accompanied by documentary videos and interactive games on the theme of antiquities theft.
The ‘History Lost' exhibition in the Portuguese capital takes place thanks to the collaboration between the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, the National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon, the Secretariat General of Communication and Information of the Hellenic Republic, the Press and Information Office of the Cypriot Ministry of Interior, the Embassies of Greece and Cyprus in Portugal, and Anemon Productions.
The exhibition, which runs until March 31st, has already been presented successfully in Nicosia, Athens and Ancient Nemea (2006) as well as in Trieste. It was created by Anemon productions in collaboration with the Illicit Antiquities Research Centre of Cambridge University, the Cyprus Department Antiquities of, the XXXVII Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Corinth, the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication in the University of the Aegean, and with the support of the ‘Culture 2000' program of the European Union.
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