26:04:2008 - 19:04 EEST
Apr 23 2008
Federations and SAE (Council for Hellenes Abroad)
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The creation of a Coordinating Council and Executive Secretariat of Federation of Greek Societies of Europe does not substitute the role of the Council for Hellenes Abroad (SAE) but in fact strengthens and gives it a more substantial role stated the Federation's coordinator, George Papadopoulos to "Tahydromos". It should be noted that the representatives of the Federations of Greek Communities in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Austria, France, Denmark and the Self-Government of Greeks in Budapest made an important step in the coordination of their activities and the upgrading of the role of the Communities at a European level. Their representatives met in Stockholm on April 19 and 20 and decided to proceed with the establishment of a Coordinating Council and an Executive Secretariat that will be assigned to prepare a common strategy proposal for the Greeks in Europe.
The founding declaration mentions that the Federations of Greek Communities in Europe decided to establish a Coordinating Council and an Executive Secretariat to handle the current and complex problems faced by the Greeks Abroad in the countries they are active and to promote the upgrading and development of Greek Communities and Federations based on jointly planned actions.
The decision is placed within the framework of the efforts made by the Greek Federations and Communities aimed at formulating their own collective political proposal on daily problems and major strategic issues that concern the Greeks of Diaspora in Europe, mentions
the declaration, expressing the wish that the initiative will contribute to the proper functioning and upgrading of existing institutions.
President of Federation of Greek Communities in Sweden Komninos Haideftos underlined that the federations will become more effective in defending the demands of the Greek communities in European countries.
Federation of Greek Communities in Germany and SAE Board member Costas Dimitriou put an emphasis on the establishment of stronger ties between the Greek Communities in Europe. He underlined that the Stockholm meeting sent a message of unity to the Greek expatriates in Europe by highlighting the asserting character of the federations while forming a joint strategy that will constitute the basis for the solution of the complex problems faced by Hellenism in Europe. The goal of the meeting was to coordinate actions and programmes, he said, adding "we proceed with the processing of new proposals in the sectors of education, employment and culture that are socially tested and scientifically substantiated.
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