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Jan 27 2008
Greek cinema in Edinburgh
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   
After a two-year break, the Edinburgh Filmhouse is hosting a Greek Film Festival from 1 – 8 February.

Including classic and contemporary films, the Festival celebrates the quality and diversity of Greek cinema with films including:

* A Touch of Spice - a bittersweet epic about the travails of the embattled Greek minority in Istanbul (Fri 1 Feb at 6.00pm)
* Hostage - based on a true story of the hijacking of a bus by an illegal immigrant (Sat 2 Feb at 6.00pm)
* One Day in August - an ambitious tragic-comic melodrama that combines four different stories, all occurring in parallel on 15 August (Sun 3 Feb at 6.00pm)
* Elias Petropoulos: An Underground World - a portrait of the life of the Greek writer, folklorist and champion of social outcasts (Mon 4 Feb 6.25pm)
* Sugartown: The Bridegrooms - the story of the men from a small Greek village who set out on a journey to Russia in search of their future spouses (Wed 6 Feb at 6.30pm)
* The Zero Years - a classic Greek comedy starring the gravel-voiced sex goddess Melina Mercouri in the role of Ilya a prostitute, full of life and good humour (Thu 7 Feb at 5.50pm)

Event: Greek Film Festival 2008
Venue: Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Tel: 0131 228 6382
Date/Time: 1 – 8 February
Cost: Filmhouse offers a ticket deal to see any three (or more) films in this season at get 15% off, or to see any six (or more) films in the season and get 25% off. The offer is available for both full and concession price tickets. Ticket must all be bought at the same time. 

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