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Jan 25 2008
George Paxinos honored
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Yet another distinction was bestowed upon top expatriate professor and researcher in the area of psychology and the human brain, Giorgos Paxinos.

This time, Paxinos was awarded the distinction by the Australian Psychologists Research Organization for his contribution to science.

Paxinos’ The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, 6e is ranked among the 50 most cited items in the entire Web of science and has attracted over 30,000 citations.

Dr. George Paxinos paved the way for future neuroscience research by being the first to produce a three-dimensional (stereotaxic) framework for placement of electrodes and injections in the brain of experimental animals, which is now used as an international standard. He was a member of the first International Consortium for Brain Mapping, a UCLA-based consortium that received the top ranking and was funded by the NIMH-led Human Brain Project. Dr. Paxinos has been honored with more than nine distinguished awards throughout his years of research, including: The Warner Brown Memorial Prize (University of California at Berkeley, 1968), The Walter Burfitt Prize (1992), The Award for Excellence in Publishing in Medical Science (Assoc Amer Publishers, 1999), The Ramaciotti Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research (2001), The Alexander von Humbolt Foundation Prize (Germany 2004), and more. With 35 published research books, 115 refereed journal articles, 2 reviews, 25 book chapters and 13 CD-ROMs, he is currently President of the Australian Neuroscience Society and the IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience.          

Paxinos was born in Ithaki and studied in the US. Since 1973 he has been living in Sydney Australia where he worst a the University of New South Wales and collaborates with various universities and research centers such as Cambridge and Oxford.
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