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    Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, who this year is also the chairperson of the Organization of Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), is scheduled to meet with new US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the American State Department in Washington on February 25.
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    The Federation of Greek Orthodox Communities of Australia has called on all Greek-Australians to respond to the urgent needs created in the state of Victoria, in the wake of the recent devastating wildfires that have killed over 180 people so far.
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    "Joint action to construct a safer world" is what US President Barack Obama has called for in a letter replying to Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis' congratulatory letter sent after Obama's election.
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    Newly elected US President, Barack Obama responded to the congratulatory message sent to him by Prime Minister Karamanlis on the occasion of his election to the US Presidency. President Obama underlined the exceptional opportunities that may promote the goals of the two countries alliance and underlined his aim of achieving further good relations between the two countries.
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    120 businesspeople from the tourism sector of France successfully completed a two-day visit to the northern port city of Thessaloniki and the nearby prefectures.




“ANAMNISEIS ” in Chicago
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   
The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center in Chicago inaugurated its newest exhibition, ANAMNISEIS: Highlights of the Permanent Collection
The exhibit which opened on February 5, 2009 in the Hellenic Museum's main gallery translates to memories. The Hellenic Museum's mission strives to document the Hellenic experience from antiquity to the present.
The Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center collection spans thousands of years and over 7,000 objects.  "Highlights" will showcase beautiful artifacts from our permanent collection.  They will include: the HMCC's first catalogued item, a simple cedar trunk; textiles; assorted photographs and documents; special collection books from the Museum's library that contains over 10,000 books and materials; Greek art printing from our archives; and to be on display for the first time, Karaghiozis (Greek puppets).  As we prepare to go forward with the building of a new museum to house even more artifacts of our Greek culture, we now look back at some of our favorite memories.
The exhibition will be on display until April 26, 2009 and will be guest curated by Terri Sinnott, who has worked most recently at the Motorola Museum of Electronics, in addition the Museum of Science and Industry, the Henry Ford Museum and the Smithsonian Institution.

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