22:12:2007 - 06:12 EET
Dec 17 2007
Sioufas Establishes an Annual Greek Diaspora Day in Parliament
Γράφει ο/η Μπάμπης Παπαδάκης   
The President of the Hellenic Parliament, Dimitris Sioufas, took a historic initiative and established a Greek Diaspora Day in the Hellenic Parliament. Mr. Sioufas, who is very well versed in the issues and concerns of the 5.5 million Greeks of the Diaspora, took the initiative during Parliament's plenary session to establish a Greek Diaspora Day in May every year. As is known, the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) submits their annual report to Parliament every February. Mr. Sioufas made the announcement to the members of SAE's Presiding Board, who visited on December 13th headed by SAE President Stephanos Tamvakis.
Mr. Tamvakis expressed his satisfaction for the establishment of "Diaspora Day" and said "as Greeks of the Diaspora, we will be able to feel that our work becomes action and our proposals and conclusions will be heard during the Parliament's plenary session, so that it may assist our work".
The meeting with Mr. Sioufas included SAE President Stephanos Tamvakis, General Secretary Olga Sarantopoulou and Central/South America, Oceania/Far East, Africa/Near East and Middle East Regional Coordinators Nikiforos Nikolaides, Georgos Aggelopoulos and Harris Gouvelis. The meeting also included MP and members of the Greek Parliament's Special Permanent Greek Diaspora Committee Nikos Tsiartsonis (President), Grigoris Niotis (First Vice President), Nikos Gatzis (Second Vice President) and Anastasios Kourakis (Secretary).
Mr. Sioufas reiterated to the members of the new SAE Presiding Board the Greek Parliament's full support of their work, and its will for continuous and substantial cooperation. Mr. Sioufas also announced specific proposals by the Parliament in this direction. The Greek Diaspora representatives spoke of the proceedings and the conclusions of the 1st Meeting of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad Presiding Board with Regional Coordinating Councils in Thessaloniki, the SAE's permanent headquarters, and expressed their warm thanks.
After the meeting with the President of the Greek Parliament, the SAE members met with the Vice President of the Greek Parliament and head of the Friendship Groups, Mr. Giorgos Sourlas. They also participated in the meeting of the Greek Diaspora Committee.
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