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Events celebrating 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Foundation
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
In 2008, the Fulbright Foundation will celebrate its 60th anniversary – the oldest in Europe. On this occasion, the Foundation is introducing a new program, entitled “Great ideas”, with the aim of bringing to Greece next year a series of prominent personalities from the United States, in the fields of education, art and the sciences.

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Australian press reports on criminal convictions of former expatriate Greeks
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
A front-page article in the Melbourne daily newspaper, the “Herald-Sun” has referred to the life sentence passed by a Greek court on Dimitris Sampsonidis and his associates, Constantine Skouras and Andreas Stathopoulos, who are allegedly linked to Tony Mokbel, charged with drug trafficking. According to the report, Sampsonidis – born in Greece, but a resident of the state of Victoria and with a prior conviction for murder – was arrested in Athens in May 2006, as he attempted to send a ton of ephedrine to Australia for the production of synthetic drugs.

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Collectors from all over the world for Callas treasures
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
Love letters, jewellery, dresses, photographs and other memorabilia that belonged to Maria Callas fetched 1.76 million euros ($2.5 million) at an auction on Wednesday 30 years after her death. Bidding was hectic as admirers across the world tried to snap up treasures from the life of the Greek-American opera star whose voice enchanted millions, said Sotheby's auction house in Milan.

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Argiridis concert in Moscow
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
A large concert within the context of the international Kypria 2007 festival was given by composer Vassos Argyridis in Moscow, on the invitation of the city’s New Opera.

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Memorial day for Pontian Greeks
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
With memorial events, Greeks from the former Soviet Union yesterday honoured the anniversary of the persecution of Greeks by Stalin The so-called “Greek operation” started in December 1937.

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Question in parliament about expatriate Greek students
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
Five deputies from the main opposition Pasok party yesterday tabled a question in parliament, to Education Minister Euripides Stylianidis, about expatriate Greek students.

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Constantine Marinos prizes awarded
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
The “Constantine Marinos” prizes were awarded by the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia during its annual Christmas Lunch on Wednesday, December 12 at the community hall in Adelaide.

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Kassimis in Lebanon
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης
Saturday, 15 December 2007
Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis yesterday began a three-day official visit to Lebanon by meeting the country's Culture Minister Tarek Mitri. Kassimis transmitted Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis' greetings and Greece's standing positions on the situation in Lebanon.

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