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    A photographic exhibition by Stavros Andriotis, entitled “Absences and Presences” is being presented in Kharkov, Ukraine, organised by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.
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    Twenty writers from 17 countries will take part in a literary reading program at the International Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany, at the "Kleine Sprachen-Große Literaturen",(“Small languages, big literature”) forum. The authors taking part in the program from March 12-15 are being presented in pairs, along the criteria of similarities in their writing and subject-matter. 
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    The Council for Hellenes Abroad (CHA) Coordinator for Europe, George Amarantidis participated recently in a conference held in Germany by the Federation of Greek Associations of Parents and Guardians.
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    A draft bill on the expatriate Greek vote appears to have been shelved once again, following a decision by the opposition to vote against it in parliament.
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    A letter setting out its positions on the name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has been sent to US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton by the Pan-Macedonian Union of USA.




Row in parliament over expatriate Greek vote
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Μπάμπης Παπαδάκης   
A row erupted in parliament yesterday between the government and the main opposition party over Pasok's intention to vote against a draft bill giving Greek nationals living and working abroad the right to vote in general elections. At least 200 votes are required to pass the bill, and this now appears unlikely, following the stances taken by opposition parties. Interior minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos stressed that expatriate Greeks deserve the right to vote in Greek elections.
Pasok deputy Tilemachos Hytiris described the bill as makeshift and urged the government to withdraw it, while Greek Communist Party deputy Antonis Skyllakos noted that Greeks living abroad for decades, who are not aware of the conditions in Greece, cannot determine the country's fate. Syriza deputy Fotis Kouvelis proposed that expatriate Greek MPs be established, while the ultra-rightist Laos party deputy said he was in favour of the bill, accusing the other parties of petty partisan expediencies.

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