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Apr 11 2008
Education minister’s contacts in US
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Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis, currently on a tour of the United States, has had a number of contacts with US administration officials during his visit.

After meeting with US Deputy Secretary on Education Raymond Simon, he stated that they discussed bilateral education cooperation issues, the likelihood of a bilateral agreement, improving the living and working preconditions for teachers transferred from Greece to the United States to teach at Greek-American community schools as well as the promotion of cooperation on tertiary education level. 

Stylianidis also stated that there are some 3,000 professors of Greek origin teaching in US universities who could form the strongest bridge of cooperation between the two countries if called upon. 

Following a meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri, Stylianidis stressed that they examined the prospects for closer bilateral relations on education cooperation issues, adding that he referred to the request for a five-year work permit to teachers transferred from Greece. They also agreed to encourage university cooperation, promote scientific research and exchange know-how. 
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