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Greek expatriates on the state deputy lists
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Three Greek expatriates are among the candidates on the state deputy lists announced by Greek political parties in view of the Oct. 4 general elections.
They are: Costas Dimitriou (ND) from Germany, Caterina Giannaki (SYRIZA) from Italy and Nikolaos Diamantidis (LAOS) from the United States.
Costas Dimitriou
He is the Treasurer of SAE and the President of the Federation of Greek Communities of Germany (OEK).
Costas Dimitriou was born in Cologne, Germany to Greek immigrant parents originally coming from the province of Epirus, northwest Greece. He studied Forestry in Greece, followed by a degree in Computer Science and Economics he received in Germany.
Dimitriou is a scientific associate in the Cologne University of Applied Sciences Computer Science Department. He is also the President of the OEK Cultural and Social Foundation, the Hellenic-German Cultural Center in Cologne and Secretary of the Greek Community of Cologne. He has also served as Cologne City Councilor.
Caterina Giannaki
Doctor Caterina Giannaki lives and works in Rome. She is a member of the SAE Europe Regional Coordinating Council since Oct. 2006. She is heading the Committee of Civil and other Rights of Expatriate Greeks in Europe.
She was a founding member of the Greek Community of Rome and the Federation of Foreigners in Italy.
Today, she is a member of the Council of the Federation of Greek Communities and Brotherhoods in Italy, a member of the Lord Byron Association for Hellenism and Culture and a member of the Mediterranean Social Forum (FSMed).
Nikolaos Diamantidis
Entrepreneur Nikolaos Diamantidis lives and works in New York. He has served as President of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

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