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    In the category “Employment and Social Affairs”, New Democracy member of the European Parliament, Maria Panagiotopoulou-Kassiotou, has been honoured as Eurodeputy of the Year.
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    Acces to Australia’s eVisitor service will be available for European Union citizens as from October 27, who will be able to apply for the eVisitor visa through the Internet free of charge.
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    A Greek-Canadian, who lost a court battle to keep the Greek flag, which he had painted on his garage in Montreal, has decided to relinquish his efforts.
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    The famous Greek tenor, Marios Frangoulis, will appear at the Cultural Majestic Theatre, accompanied by soprano Kristen Watson, and will present a program comprising both old and new melodies.   Frangoulis will be accompanied by pianist Thodoros Economou and an orchestra featuring musicians from Boston, conducted Steven Karidoyanes.
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    Development Minister Christos Folias yesterday addressed greetings to the 1st Greek-Russian Forum, held on the topic: “Greek-Russian state, ecclesiastical and cultural relations in world history”.  




Nikolaidis’ parents appeal to Thai authorities
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Μπάμπης Παπαδάκης   
Journalist, blogger and activist Haris Nikolaidis was apprehended at Bangkok airport last Sunday, as he was preparing to depart to Australia. It is believed that he is being charged in relation to the contents of his book, "Verisimilitude", which was published three years ago, and which was considered to be against the regime. It was deemed to be "insulting" about the Thai royal family, the country's political system and its society.
According to press reports, the 41-year-old - who worked for the Melbourne-based Greek-Australian newspaper, "Neos Cosmos" - resided for some time in Thailand, where he worked as a teacher and, at the same time, wrote articles for Australian newspapers.

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