24:04:2008 - 17:04 EEST
Jan 25 2008
Greek-American Cultural Festival in NY
Γράφει ο/η Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   
A Greek-American festival is taking place in Queens, NY from Thursday till Sunday within the framework of presentation of ethnic cultural elements. Rebetico music concert, performed by singer Grigoris Maninakis accompanied by "Microcosmos" orchestra opens the festival today. On Friday, the omogeneia group "Mondernos" will perform modern dances while Saturday’s program includes a literature event with the reading of excerpts from "Night Blooming Cereus" referring to stories of Greek immigrants in the US, screening of movies by creators of Greek origin, and a special event dedicated to Maria Kallas by soprano Alexandra Skedrou. Thessaloniki dance group "Kyklos" and American Folk Club will perform traditional dances in costumes representative of many regions of Greece.The festival was organized by the "Queens Theater in the Park" with the significant cooperation of Greek-American Jenifer Xrisoulas Howuz.
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