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    Three Greek expatriates are among the candidates on the state deputy lists announced by Greek political parties in view of the Oct. 4 general elections.
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    Επιμέλεια: Νίκος Αγγελίδης Νέα Υόρκη - Βαριές κατηγορίες για ληστεία, παράνομη κατοχή φονικού μέσου και απόπειρα δολοφονίας απαγγέλθηκαν σε βάρος του ομογενή Λεωνίδα Κότσιφα από τις εισαγγελικές αρχές του Μπέθπεϊτζ του Λονγκ Αϊλαντ. Ο 50χρονος ομογενής, πιάστηκε στα δίκτυα των αρχών στην κομητεία Νάσο του Λόνγκ Αϊλαντ και φαίνεται να αντιμετωπίζει πολλαπλές καγηγορίες ληστειών σε βάρος σπιτιών και επιχειρήσεων της περιοχής. Το κατηγορητήριο βαραίνει τον Λεωνίδα Κότσιφα για τουλάχιστον μια απόπειρα δολοφονίας σε βάρος ενός 71χρονου άνδρα τον οποίο φέρεται να χτύπησε με πέτρα στο κεφάλι τραυματίζοντας τον σοβαρά. Το κατηγορητήριο αναφέρει ότι ο ομογενής έδεσε τον άτυχο ηληκιωμένο με…
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    Greece’s multi-award winning acclaimed composer and pianist Mimis Plessas’ returned to New York following a 22 year absence for three special performances at the Queens Theatre in the Park and Dizzy’s Jazz Club.
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    Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has issued an appeal to the international community to take measures to avert "more unfortunate consequences of the climate change" in view of the imminent UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December and an environmental conference in Bangkok.
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    A clarification circular has been issued by the Education ministry in relation to the distribution of computers to repatriated and expatriate Greek pupils in the first year of high school.




Attack against Christians in Alexandria
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Μπάμπης Παπαδάκης   
Hundreds of Muslims on Sunday threw rocks at shops owned by Christians and at a police station in Alexandria following the murder of a Muslim by three Christians.
A source at the security services stated that the trouble began when information got out that Muslim, Ahmed Abdel Razek Gomaa was killed in the middle of the street by his Christian landlords.
According to witnesses, many Muslims gathered near a mosque in order to pray for Gomaa, chanting "they will die" referring to the three Christian brothers, Aiman, Atef and Farag Tagi.
Gomaa was the only Muslim tenant in the three brothers apartment building and had been injured in an argument with them. The Tagi brothers were arrested.
Christians make up 10% of Egypt's population. In 2006, again in Alexandria, three day disturbances had taken place following the murder of a Coptic Christian by a Muslim.

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