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    The Council for Hellenes Abroad, SAE, has expressed its satisfaction over the intervention by Education Minister, Anna Diamantopoulou who decided for th e continuation of the program “Paideias Omogenon”. The SAE request that was ultimately approved, had been submitted by the SAE Presidium a few days prior to the new minister’s assumption of dities.
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    Council for Hellenes Abroad President, Stefanos Tamvakis has conducted a series of meetings with officials and representatives of the omogeneia in Sydney, during his first day of his tour in Australia, where he will attend the Pan-Hellenic Athletic and Cultural Games being organized by SAE Oceania from November 26-29 in Melbourne.
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    “If I will ever be able to shape the Hollywood Film Industry—something which I clearly doubt, than I will come and tell you what has to been done in Greece! It is important however to create infrastructures that will allow digital possibilities of exploitation” stated among others in a speech in Thessaloniki, the Greek-American chairman of the board of US film giant, “20th Century Fox”, Jum Giannopoulos.
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    The Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania, Anastasios, praised the Greek initiative, “Agenda 2014” and the political of the European unification of the Balkans, which was presented by alternate foreign minister, Dimitris Droutsas during his visit to Tirana. In his speech, Mr. Anastasios underlined the western Balkans crucial turning point highlighting the significance of the European prospects.  
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    Over 70 Macedonian organizations in Greece and abroad has signed a resolution for the continuation of Greece’s firm stance on the FYROM name issue in view of the EU Executive Summit concerning a start date for the neighboring country’s accession negotiations and at the NATO Summit in December. In the resolution, the organizations express their continuing concern over the intransigent stance of FYROM and reiterate their firm positions concerning the neighboring country’s name.




Multi-stop tour by Tamvakis in Australia.
Σύνταξη/επιμέλεια από τον/την Νατάσσα Βησσαρίωνος   

His first stop will be Sydney, where he has been invited to attend the annual ball of the Federation of Mainland Greece of Australia and New Zealand, accompanied by the SAE coordinator for Oceania & Far East, George Angelopoulos.  Tamvakis is also expected to visit Adelaide and Melbourne, where he will attend the Panhellenic Games organised for the following weekend by the SAE Oceania & Far East region.  During his stay in Australia, Tamvakis will have contacts with the Greek diplomatic corps, as well as with officials from SAE’s member organisations, Greek-Australian politicians and other Greek-Australian representatives.




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