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    A symposium on Greek-German relations is being organized by The Hellenic Parliament’s Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federated Republic of Germany on April 16-17 at the Goethe Institute in Athens.
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    The Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra in co-operation with the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (Berlin Branch) gives a concert to the memory of conductor and composer Dimitri Mitropoulos - 50 years since his death, at Berlin’s Konzethaus.
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    An exhibition of manuscripts on parchment and paper from the collection of the Albanian State’s Central Archive is organized in Tirana by the Hellenic Foundation of Culture, the Albanian State’s Archive, the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece and the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania.
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    The Centre of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Italy presents "a tribute to the Greek poet Nikos Gatsos" - Poems set to music by Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis and Stavros Xarhakos in collaboration with the Center for Modern Greek Studies of the University of Trieste and the Greek Community of Trieste.
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    “Days of Greek Culture” in Egypt are being organized in Cairo and Alxandria under the aegis of the Egyptian Culture Ministry with the support of the Greek Embassy in Cairo and the organization of the Greek Cultural Center in Cairo and Alexandria.




Greek man sues dairy company in Sweden for using his image on pots of Turkish-style yoghurt
Σύνταξη/επιμέλεια από τον/την Θεόφιλος Δουμάνης   



A Greek man has sued a dairy firm in southern Sweden after his picture ended up on a Turkish yoghurt product.
The man whose picture adorns the Turkish yoghurt product, manufactured by Lindahls dairy in Jönköping, argues that the company does not have permission to use his image. He has now sued Lindahls for 50 million kronor ($6.9 million)
The man found out his mustachioed face featured on the containers of Turkish Yoghurt made by Lindahls when a friend living in Stockholm told him.
Athanasios Varzanakos told Swedish Radio his friend "was annoyed and asked how it was possible" when informed.
The dairy company said it bought the photograph in good faith from an image library.
Chief executive Anders Lindahl said it had come as a shock when the Greek man lodged a 40-page legal complaint saying that the company had used a misleading image because he had no links with Turkey.
"We bought it from a photo agency so we assumed that everything was in order," Mr Lindahl told the AFP news agency.
The image remains on the Lindahls website despite the legal action.
Relations between Greece and Turkey have long been strained and at times have turned into outright hostility.


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