03:02:2009 - 06:02 EET
  • AHEPA representative in Laconia
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    A delegation of the women's organisation, AHEPA "Daughters of Penelope", headed by its president, Barbara Stavis, general director Elena Savolaki and the chief of cultural affairs, Costas Hatzifotis, is currently visiting the Laconia prefecture.
  • Archbishop Dimitrios congratulates Kirill
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    The Archbishop of America, Dimitrios, has sent a letter congratulating the new leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, on his recent election as the 16th patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
  • Pasok comments on Valyrakis’ “detention” in New York
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    Main opposition Pasok party spokesman George Papaconstantinou, has issued a statement on the fact that a former deputy and minister of the socialist party, Sifis Valyrakis was "detained" for several hours by US authorities during his arrival in New York on the weekend.
  • New Greek aid shipment to Gaza
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    In continuing Greece's efforts to support the war-torn Palestinian people, a new shipment of humanitarian aid from Greece was sent to Gaza on Sunday.
  • Kassimis meetings with OEK
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    The Federation of Greek Communities of Europe (OEK) Coordinating Body Executive Secretariat held its first meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis in Athens on January 26, 2009.




Conference on ancient and modern Greek
Sessions of a conference entitled “Excursions from ancient to modern Greek” recently wound up in Athens. It was organised by the Megas Alexandros Greek School - a department of the Greek-British College – in collaboration with the Italian G. Mazzini Classical Lyceum, the Belgian Leuven University, the Spanish Carlos III Institute, the Austrian BG Harberg High School and the Bulgarian National Lyceum of Ancient Languages and Civilisations.  

The aim of the program was to create a method for the teaching of modern Greek to students at classical high schools, as well as to interested individuals, both in Greece and abroad, who want to learn the language and already have a basic knowledge of ancient Greek. 

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