08:12:2008 - 05:12 EET
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    Official cooperation between the Aristotle University of Thessalonki and Novi Sad which includes the creation of a Greek Language School was signed on November 29th by officials from both universities and in the presence of the Health Ministry in Serbia.
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    Australian Ambassador to Greece, Jeremy Newman, paid an official visit to Heraklion prefect, Vaggelio Shoinaraki where the two officials discussed issues pertaining to local administration and the relations between authorities in Crete and Australia. The two areas share warm ties due to the common celebration for the Battle of Crete.
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    Events organized by the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace in Bulgaria within the framework of the promotion of Philipoupolis and Sofia’s tourism promotion ended successfully.
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    The University of Adelaide will offer free English language lesson to students and permanent residents who wish to improve their English language aptitude either in full-time or part time courses.
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    Deputy Interior Minister, Thanasis Nakos, is in Geneva in his capacity as President of the 3rd World Forum on Migration and Growth, that will take place in Athens in November, 2009.




Aid to Madagascar
Present at the two men’s meeting were were Bishop Ignatios, Greece’s Consul General to Madagascar, Panayiotis Taloumis and the President of the Greek community in Madagascar, Christos Spiliopoulos.

Among the topics discussed were the repercussions from the passing of the catastrophic cyclone, Ivan, which left at least 10 dead and thousands homeless. Patriarch Theodoros gave the Prime Minister a significant sum in economic assistance for the country’s flood victims on behalf of the Alexandria Patriarchate, the Greek Embassy and the Greek Community.

Mr. Rabemananjara, on his part, thanked the Patriarch and the help of the Greek people underlining the close brotherly ties between the two peoples and countries since the arrival of the first Greeks to the region.

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