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    World SAE Secretary Dr. Olga Sarantopoulos  has sent an open letter to Diaspora Greeks on the occasion of the current economic crisis. In the letter, Sarantopoulos notes the feelings of sadness and outrage among Greeks about the attacks on the homeland and questions what expediencies these attacks may serve.
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    April 1 will be census day for Americans, as well as for Greek-Americans living in the United States. According to an announcement issued by the Greek Embassy in Washington, within the contest of the census which is held every 10 years, the Census Bureau will send a questionnaire to every American household in the next few days.
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    The 28th annual Greek Festival of Sydney, Australia, will launch with a special two-day long celebration at Darling Harbour on March 20 and 21. Come and bring your family, bring your appetites and bring your dancing shoes for two days of music, fine food and Greek festivities. Entry is free of charge for all.
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    Sydney – In an extremely emotional atmosphere, the well known ethnic Greek lawyer from South Africa, George Bizos, was honoured last Sunday. In his speech, Bizos referred to the history of his migration for legal studies, his acquaintance with Nelson Mandela, the struggles for human rights in South Africa and the abolition of Apartheid.
  • SAE Oceania Games to be held in Darwin
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    The Australian Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Paul Henderson, expressed the full support of the government for a decision by SAE Region Oceania to organize the 2011 Panhellenic Cultural and Sports Games in Darwin. Henderson had a meeting in the NT capital city with SAE Coordinator, George Angelopoulos and members of the Executive Committee of the institution at which the organisation of the games was discussed.




Taste of Greece in London
Σύνταξη/επιμέλεια από τον/την Νίκος Αγγελίδης   

The "Taste of Greece - Greek Flavours in Great Britain" action was launched 9 February at a central London hotel with a workshop devoted to the Greek diet.

More than 150 well-known British chefs and journalists had the opportunity to view an exhibition of photos from many areas of Greece, to taste local Greek products and to learn more about the "Taste of Greece" initiative from GNTO Director for Great Britain Sofia Panagiotaki.

The gastronomic creations of Christoforos Peskias and the sweet alchemies of Stelios Parliaros, who travelled to London to present contemporary recipes inspired by authentic Greek traditional products (Chios mastic, Kozani saffron, Greek yoghurt, feta cheese and honey), made a great impression on the experts.

Of special interest were the original drink concoctions, such as Mastic Spa, Baklava Martni and Thessaloniki Perfect Blend, which were prepared by award-winning "best barman in the world" Aristoteles Papadopoulos, showing the British that Greek products may also be used to prepare unique cocktails.

Finally, guests had the opportunity to take part in general knowledge games featuring questions about Greek destinations and gastronomic tourism and to win trips to Greece.

The competitions will continue throughout the year at the 39 restaurants, which will provide their customers with informational material on tourism destinations in Greece and on Greek gastronomy.

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