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News in English
Oct 11 2007
Diaspora homeowners support fire victims
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The mobilization of the Greek-American community for the economic assistance of Greece’s wildfire victims are continuing at feverish paces. Lat week, the Greek-American Homeowners Association gathered during the course of a general assembly, the sum of 20 thousand dollars towards the cause.  The initiative was taken by the association’s honorary president, George Alexiou, who started the drive with a donation by the association for three thousand dollars.
The money being gathered by the association will be allocated to the Archdiocese Greek Fire relief Fund.
Oct 11 2007
Cyprus Federation honors two philhellene senators and expatriate struggler for Cyprus rights
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Two Philhellene senators, Florida Republican, Iliana Ross-Letinen and New Jersey Democrat, Robert Andrews and one of the original fighters of the omogeneia for the Cyprus issue, executive vice-president of the Pancyprian Alliance, Nikos Mougiaris were honored by the Cyprus Federation of America with the awards “Justice for Cyprus” for their enormous contribution and support of the Cyprus cause.

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