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    The New York Times has listed “The origins of El Greco - The art of icon painting in Venetian Crete” exhibition in NY as one of the three best art exhibits this fall and dedicated a full page article in its November 20th edition. The exhibit is currently on display at the Onassis Cultural Center in Manhattan’s Olympic Tower.
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    Two individuals were charged and will be tried with molesting a young Greek girl during church services in Sydney Australia. The two men, Athansasios Psyhogios, 39, and Antonis Golosian, 62, impersonated clergy members and molested the young woman during “prayer” service claiming they would relieve her of a curse.
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    The extraordinary and scheduled annual general assembly of the Greek Orthodox communities of Melbourne and Victoria were conducted last Sunday in a tense climate and under unacceptable conditions.
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    Dennis Syndilas, the inspirer, visionary and founder of Athens Square in Astoria, Queens, was honored by the Athenian Association of New York, who declared him and honorary president of the association during a special ceremony that was held last Sunday at Central Lounge in Astoria.
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    Βαρύς χειμώνας, Πεκίνο, 2008. Το κρύο ήταν τσουχτερό. Τα λασπόνερα είχαν παγώσει. Ο παγωμένος αέρας διαπερνούσε το κορμί της. Εκείνη χόρευε στο χώμα με ένα μικρό φανελάκι και μια φούστα να καλύπτουν το λυγερό και λεπτό κορμί της. "Έκανε φοβερό κρύο αλλά εμείς έπρεπε να προσποιούμαστε πως ήταν καλοκαίρι", λέει η Καμίλα Βεργωτή, πρωταγωνίστρια μιας νέας αυστραλιανής ταινίας που προορίζεται για διεθνή προβολή. Για τις ανάγκες αυτής της ταινίας και ο χορός στο παγωμένο Πεκίνο. Τίτλος της "Ο Τελευταίος Χορευτής του Μάο" ( Mao's Last Dancer) και ήδη είναι μια από τις εμπορικότερες αυστραλιανές ταινίες όλων των εποχών,…




SAE President Stefanos Tamvakis at 1st session of Special Standing Parliamentary Committee on Greeks Abroad.
Σύνταξη/επιμέλεια από τον/την Νατάσσα Βησσαρίωνος   

The committee president and its members welcomed Tamvakis underlining the importance of the continuation and further improvement of their productive cooperation for the promotion of solutions to World Hellenism issues.
The SAE president also took the opportunity to congratulate, on behalf of SAE’s directorate as well, Tsouri and the Committee’s members on their election and the assumption of their new duties. He also stressed that cooperation between SAE and the Diaspora Committee, the national parliament’s relevant body for issues concerning overseas Greeks, has a crucial significance.



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