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    The Greek government's announcement about pension payments for expatriate Greeks is becoming a reality. From October 1, 55,000 pensioners of Greek origin who live in Australia, are obliged to submit applications for the payment of pensions from Greece.
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    During the signing of a cooperation memorandum with the United States Council on Competitiveness, Development Minister Christos Folias said that the administrative burden for entrepreneurship in Greece must decrease by 25 percent, equivalent to four billion euros, and this is one of the government's main targets.
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    This ambitious exhibition, a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Arts and the Benaki Museum in Athens, provides a grand-scale survey of 1,000 years of history. Highlighting the splendors of the Byzantine Empire, 'Byzantium 330-1453' will incorporate over 300 objects. Some of the works have never been displayed in public before.
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    A dynamic presentation headed by the Pan-Macedonian Association Supreme President Mrs. Nina Gatzoulis during presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign gathering in New Hampshire
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    The exhibition ‘Tribute to the Greek Resistance, 1940-1944' will be presented in Memorial Leclerc - Museum Jean Moulin in Paris (October 1 - November 2 2008). The exhibition is organized by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and the National Gallery - Museum Alexandros Soutzos.
Sep 11 2008
«Δίκτυο Χωρίς Σύνορα»- Στις 11/9/2008, καλεσμένος της εκπομπής ο εκδότης της «Απογευματινής».
Γράφει ο/η Ζωή Καραπάτη   

Την Πέμπτη 11 Σεπτεμβρίου στην εκπομπή "Δίκτυο Χωρίς Σύνορα" θα μιλήσει ο εκδότης της εφημεριδας "Απογευματινή" στην Κωνσταντινούπολη, κ. Μιχάλης Βασιλειάδης.

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  • 39η "Ρεμπέτικη" Συνάντηση στο Μπόχουμ της Γερμανίας.
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