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30:05:2008 - 13:05 EEST
Apr 12 2008
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Greek deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis, on a visit to Albania, met on Thursday evening with Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha, and on Friday morning with labour, social issues and equal opportunity minister Koco Barka, who is of Greek descent, shortly before leaving Tirana to tour Greek minority villages.

  Kassimis was greeted on arrival by Berisha and representatives of the state and political leadership, at the start of his four-day visit to Albania, in a climate of enthusiasm over the invitation to the country to join NATO extended at the recent Alliance summit in Bucharest.

During their meeting, Berisha thanked the Greek government for its assistance to Albania and for undertaking the publication of text books for the Greek minority schools. He pledged that dialogue would begin soon on amending the geography and history books taught in Albanian schools, which have been deemed unacceptable by Greece.
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