Hellenic Club event in Canberra - Voice of Greece
11:06:2008 - 18:06 EEST
Feb 29 2008
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A philological event is being organized for next Sunday by Greek-Australians in Canberra and, specifically, by the Hellenic Club, in order to honour two intellectuals, who have contributed significantly to promoting Greek culture and literature, especially in the Oceania region. One is the well known late philhellene, Philip Grundy (publisher, translator) and the second is the university lecturer and writer, Dr. Giannis Vasilakakos.

Philip Grundy died last August. He had translated into English and made available to the Australian public some of the most important Greek-Australian writers – recipients of Australian awards – such as Dimitris Tsaloumas, Giannis Vasilakakos and Dimitris Tzoumakas, as well as painter Nikos Kypraios and composer Tasos Ioannidis.
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