Greek summer homes displayed in Vienna - Voice of Greece
31:05:2008 - 18:05 EEST
Mar 30 2008
Greek summer homes displayed in Vienna PDF Εκτύπωση
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The 2008 Real Estate fair opened yesterday in Vienna and will run through tomorrow at the exhibition groups, Messe Center, Wien Neu, Halle A. For the first time, FIM-Ferienimmobilienmesse will take part, presenting – in a specially arranged space - selected summer homes from Greece and all over the world. FIM’s aim is to inform potential buyers of summer houses, and homes for the elderly. 

Within this framework, there will be special legal clarifications. The Greek market will be presented by the president of the Greek-German Union for the Protection of Home Owners Abroad and Dusseldorf lawyer Dimitris Kouros, who will talk about “The real estate market in Greece – a thousand islands, a thousand opportunities”.
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